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Tim Delany is one of Australia's premier contemporary Didjeridoo players.

Tim has had a long standing musical career, though it was only in 2002 that he became exposed to the amazing power of the Didjeridoo, and from there has not looked back.

Having played around the world with various musical outfits, as well as his own projects, he continues to push boundaries with his highly original style of playing. Featuring elements of funk, Hip hop/Beatbox and Broken Beat, on both the didjeridoo and his very own 'Double Didjeridoo', Tim is creating a sound that is distinctly his own.

Current projects include 'Cumulo'(www.myspace.com/cumulomusic) his own Roots/Groove trio, and 'Groovylips' with fellow Didjeridoo player Paul Boon.

It is with Groovylips that Tim recently performed a set of stunning performances as part of the 'Nomad Two Worlds' project in New York City. These performances saw the next step of Didjeridoo related performance art, incorporating the 'Double' and 'Triple' Didjeridoos to create an incredible sonic landscape.

Tim is currently performing with Cumulo in Perth, Australia, and looks forward to continual involvement with the Nomad Two Worlds project in 2009 and beyond.

Email yang@groovylips.com Phone - 08 9193 5633 Mobile - 0412 772 666